Yesterday morning I heard the awful news that our beloved Massachusetts senator Teddy Kennedy had died. Sage and Riley were upstairs getting ready, so I went to tell him the news. We talked about it for a while, then Riley broke in to ask what we were talking about. I explained that a really nice really great man had died, and that we were very sad about it. She thought for a while then sad in a tiny little voice, “is only his bones left and all his skin and everything else gone?” I said no, not yet, then asked how she knew about that. She said, “daddy told me about it when we went to the museum and saw the dinosaurs,” referring of course to when we went to the natural history museum months ago and saw the dinosaur skeletons. Amazing how little kids minds work.

(I hope this post isn’t in any way offensive… Kennedy dying before healthcare reform could be passed is just so sad. I hope we can still make him proud and get something meaningful passed in his memory)

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Peg BowdenAugust 30th, 2009 at 10:39 am

I totally agree with your posting. Ted Kennedy was a flawed man but I do believe he redeemed himself the last 15-20 years. And I am passionate about some semblance of universal health care and hope we can pass a bill in his honor. He was a fighter, and so must we all fight for this basic human right—health care. –Oma Peggy

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