6 weeks!

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Our little Damon is now 6 weeks old! Amazing how time flies. Everyday he seems bigger and more alert. He likes to look around, especially at lights, but seems to really study people’s faces too. He’s discovered his voice and does cry these days, but is still relatively easy to console with the usual combination of dancing/bouncing/swinging. Sometimes he just wants to be held and will cry again if put down (like right now he’s passed out on my chest, but I bet would wake up if transfered to the couch or swing to sleep). At night he’s relatively good still, but has started fussing in the early hours, and every now and then will have a bad night where it seems like he wants to eat every hour. A few nights in a row like that and I’m destroyed since I don’t really nap during the day (off to class!). Luckily Damon has a fantastic Dad. Sage is super helpful at night which is amazing. And my Mom has just started taking Damon in the morning so we can sleep a little longer (he tends to fuss around 6am).

We’ve experienced the famed little boy pee fountain on the changing table more then a few times already (turn around for a second and next thing you know he’s peeing all the way up to his head. quite impressive). As a result Damon has taken many baths. Seems like a waste to fill our entire bathtub for such a little boy, so I decided to try the bathroom sink (conveniently right next to the changing table). He fit perfectly the first couple times! So easy.

He rapidly became too big though. Oh well. He seems to love the bath. He’ll be crying on the changing table then immediately stop when put in warm water. In the big bath i just hold my hand under his head and he paddles his little hands and feet around totally content. Have to admit, I already have high hopes he’ll be a water baby… I LOVED the water when I was a kid, no fear, so it’s kind of sad that Riley is so afraid. She’s taking lessons now though, so hopefully she’ll come around. Especially now that we bought her pink goggles (Riley’s all about the gimmick to get her to do new things).

Riley is getting better and better at holding Damon, and is really into being a big sister/mommy. Lucy (her daycare teacher) says she often carries a baby doll around with her all day. She loves to do “school work” (remember those activity pages where you trace the letters or numbers and do a little activity? she’s a big fan) and Lucy says she now does them with her little baby doll in one arm and pencil in the other. Multitasker already. Wonder where she learned that from? 🙂 At home she sometimes pretends to nurse her babies and animals (“My baby is hungry and i can’t find her bottle… but it’s ok, I can just feed her from the boob”)

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Peg BowdenAugust 15th, 2009 at 12:10 pm

The photos of Damon, Riley and Daddy Sage are adorable. Damon has “filled out” these past weeks. What a hunky guy. Thanks for sharing life in the Weil household. You have so much energy, Elise!! You are the multi-tasking queen. I love hearing about your family life. Love, Oma Peggy

RachelAugust 18th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

great updates! I’m sure Riley will be a great swimmer – it’s in her genes. (maybe she’d like a cape cod pond more than the pool?) I can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks.

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