Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a little island paradise that feels like it’s at the end of the world. We stayed at Zeavola for 2 nights and spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach and at the pool. Lucky for Riley there were other little kids to play with. On the boat over she made friends with a little girl who shared pretzels and crackers with her and kept her entertained much of the way (even though they couldn’t actually communicate since the little girl spoke a different language… didn’t stop them from talking though). At Zeavola there was a German boy who was a little younger then Riley and they immediatly hit it off. They played with sand toys together on the beach (while parents drank cocktails and enjoyed the sunset) and kept each other entertained during meals. The boys mother pointed out that hanging out with boring adults all the time must be really tiring for kids… playing with each other was a welcome break. Our last night they went crazy bouncing on the blow up pool floats and running around in circles and yelling a lot. It was hilarious. Between his parents and us we took turns standing near them while the others enjoyed their meal. Before he left he gave Riley big hugs, then had to go to sleep. Riley kept saying, “Where’s my friend going? I want the boy to come back and play with me!” It was very sweet.

The relaxing abruptly ended when we got on the boat to Krabi where we were to meet our ride to Khao Suk. It was an ancient musty boat that seemed like it might snap in half at any moment. We luckily got seats downstairs (where it was pretty dank and mustly with little air movement). The young party kids sunning themselves on deck came flooding down as soon as the boat left and they got soaked by the waves. Needless to say it was pretty crammed and hot down there. When the roof started leaking water and we realized our bags which were stored above must be getting soaked all we could do was throw up our hands and say what can you do. Riley got pretty fed up, but luckily was entertained by the “remember when…” game. We remembered Ronin and the snow and the spices with Joshua and Arizona and the dogs and everything about our trip so far…. with Riley throwing in a random thing along the way (“Remember grandma and grandpa??”) and finally finally we got there. We eventually met up with the van around 1pm, and Riley prompltly fell asleep. Recently for nap and and bed time we read the nursery rhymes book and she falls asleep quickly. In the van we just recited them and by the 5th or 6th one she was out.

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