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Sleeping alone

This week Riley finally started sleeping alone in her lovely bassonet (which we have on loan from Anne and Traverse). When she first came home from the hospital she would start screaming whenever we put her in there (even if she was fast asleep when we put her down) so we were taking turns holding her while we slept. Makes it difficult to get a good nights sleep when you have a baby sleeping on you, but honestly I was full of irrational fear that she would suddenly stop breathing if we left her alone in the bassonet, so I didn’t mind missing a little sleep and knowing she was safe. Anyway, that irrational fear has faded (mostly) and the whole family is now sleeping a bit better with Riley sleeping soundly right next to our bed. I guess the next step is having her sleep in a different room… but i think that day is still quite a ways away.

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Peg BowdenFebruary 1st, 2006 at 6:47 am

Hi Elise and Sager,
Yeah—-just keep little Ms. Riley next to your bed for the next several months. She needs to be near the food basket. She needs to hear her Dad snore. It’s a big world out there—and plenty of time to explore it when she outgrows her bassinette. Love to all 3 of you—Gramma Peg

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