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Riley's First Blog » Blog Archive » Dog? Cat? Bird!!

Dog? Cat? Bird!!

Riley’s going crazy with the signs. She does bird, dog, book, banana, cracker, where is?, daddy (the last 2 come from me signing “where is daddy?” everytime Riley and I come home and go find Sage working at his computer).

Over the weekend we decided to visit Dallas and Vida and their dog Charlotte in SF. Riiley had recently become really excited about dogs, saying “daah daah daah!” and slapping her leg, which is the sign for dog, whenever a dog walks by. or a cat. or a squirrel. it’s confusing. But anyway, we thought she would enjoy Charlotte and the dog park. Charlotte was REALLY excited to see Riley and ran up and licked her face, prompting Riley to scream at the top of her lungs and poor Charlotte to hide in the kitchen. so sad. Apparently dogs are scary when they come flying at you with their big teeth bared. and babies are scary to dogs when they cry and holler. Riley mostly got over it, and had a great time at the dog park as long as the dogs didn’t come too close.

Bird is also a favorite sign. Anything that flies qualifies at this point, and it seem too complicated to explain the difference between pigeons and butterflies. At the dog park she was very busy trying to keep up with pointing and signing about all the dogs and birds/butterflies.

I should note that my brother Michael has recently become a good friend of Riley’s. In fact he’s going to be her babysitter on Thursday night! One of the perks of having family nearby…

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