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Riley's First Blog » Blog Archive » Update on words and signs

Update on words and signs

Riley has added drink, cereal, wash hands and bird to her signing repertoire. She’s learning so fast these days, it’s amazing. Words are a little trickier, but she’s picking some up. “Park” is becoming more clear (Pah follwed by kah, but no r sound in between), “papa” for pasta, “booba” for blueberry. And she loves to say “bye bye” and wave.

Riley also has favorite books that we read every day. One is Hop on Pop, which we wrote about before. The other is her Colors book that Becca gave her. Each page is a different color with a few objects of that color labeled with the english and spanish name. She LOVES this book, i’d almost say she’s obsessed with it. These days she won’t let us hold it and turn the pages, she has to do it herself. The first page has a big ball on it and that’s obviously her favorite. When she see the cat on the grey page she says “Ka!” or “kii ka!” When she sees the glass of milk on the white page she does the milk sign. Each page has a baby on it which she finds very interesting. Other favorites are the blueberry and grape pictures. Sometimes while reading Hop on Pop she likes to just hold onto the Colors book.

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